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windy middle

Autumn 25, Year 8

Condition: Partly Cloudy

Wind: Strong Winds

Temperature: 9C / 48.2F

Weather Effects: Outdoor tasks are slightly more difficult during high winds.

Autumn 26, Year 8
partcloud middle
Autumn 27, Year 8
clear middle
Autumn 28, Year 8
partcloud middle
Autumn 29, Year 8
rain low
Autumn 30, Year 8
partcloud low
~ Latest Announcements ~
tiny hearts Welcome to Cat's End
Pixel Cat's End is a virtual pet site where you collect and manage a village of cat-like creatures. You can dress them up, give them jobs, build and decorate their homes, and take them on tabletop-rpg-style adventures.

Cat's End is now in closed beta testing. The next opening will from Friday, October 20 at 18:00 to Sunday, October 22 at 18:00. If you'd like to be notified about upcoming registration windows and opportunities, feel free to keep an eye on the site... or follow one of my infrequently-used social media pages:

Tumblr | Twitter | Ko-fi | Twitch | Discord (Announcements Only) | Other Links Someday

While I do not have time to keep these updated, I will post to them when openings happen. A full development plan is available in the Dev Corner

Mini-Update: Pre-Leaf Day Updates
Oct 1, 2023 11:28:34
Upcoming Registration Period
Our next opening will be from 18:00 server time on Friday, October 20th to 18:00 server time on Sunday, October 22nd!

Coloring Contest
In preparation for the upcoming Leaf Day, we are holding a Coloring Contest. Read more on the Coloring Contest Thread. The deadline is this Thursday, October 5th at 9:00, so don't forget to enter!

leafdaystamp Leaf Day Soon

Leaf Day will begin at midnight next Saturday night and will last for the full next week! Get your cats ready for the Harvest Season!!

Note: If you are someone who typically quicksells snack items, please consider saving up for next week. You will need them. Starball makes them very hungry.

carrot Other Changes

- As stated in the last update, fantail pigeons are now seasonal:
Dark, Light, and Brown will appear all year round.
Maroon will appear in autumn and winter.
Gold will appear in summer and autumn.
Green will appear in spring and summer.
Blue will appear in winter and spring.

- The Meeting Grounds can now display more weather types (wind, fog, and lightning!)

- You can now enable bold adventuring outlines in your gameplay settings for those hard to see autumn obstacles. Solid objects like trees are outlined in dotted cyan, while chests are in solid yellow.

- If you missed it, the number of materials owned displays on gathering page now!

OSHAapproved Bug Fixes

- Fur colors have been corrected on city cat pages

- Listing the last of the item on the open market will no longer have the item still display in the list after submission

- Categories are no longer being forgotten when posting a sale in open market

- Dark mode scrollbar specifically in the sandbox no longer shows the text underneath it

- A back-up font has been added to the bbcode font tag to prevent extension interference

artrally What's next?

- Leaf Day will take place next week, from October 8 - 14

- Further item selection clean-up

- Custom clothing/decor

Item Select Clean-up & Event Info
Sep 10, 2023 9:42:09
screenshot of new sales interface

This update brings the first round of clean-up to item select areas, new wheelchair craftable clothing, information about Leaf Day, and other miscellaneous changes.

Coloring Contest
In preparation for the upcoming Leaf Day, we are holding a Coloring Contest. Read more on the Coloring Contest Thread.

August 11-13 Registration Weekend!
Aug 11, 2023 17:54:02
kitties painting a picture
Pixel Cat's End is now Open for Registration until Sunday August 13th at 18:00 Server Time. Head on over to the Registration page to sign up!

sparkles Introduce Yourself
An Introductions thread is pinned in the Off-Topic Forum, feel free to stop by and say hello!

cozy Have any questions?
If you have any questions at all, post in the Q&A Forum! There are many of us who would love to answer your questions and help you get oriented. There is also a robust assortment of guides in the Guides Forum. A quick assortment of FAQs is included in the next post of this thread.

rally Long Term Development Plan
If you'd like to learn more about the long term development plan, you can see an outline in the Dev Corner.

goldgift Free Stuff!
There are user-organized freebies and giveaways in the Raffles & Giveaways forum over the next week, so do check those out.

sunglasses "Advertisements"
It's okay to whitelist this site in your adblocker as we do not use an ad network. All "ads" at the bottom of the page are user-sponsored posts, featuring primarily pictures of users' pets and art projects! Visit the Promotions Policy article for more information on how to get your own image down there! The cost is $4 via ko-fi and is the primary method of funding the servers right now.

exclamation Please Note: There's a known issue with gmx addresses being unable to receive emails from the site. Please choose a different email when signing up for the site so you can get your confirmation code.

It's possible other addresses may also be affected (for example, mail.com). If you do not receive your sign-up email after a few hours or so, please send in a support ticket to indicate this and I'll make sure you get yours forwarded from a separate address.

Mini-Update: Image Changes & Custom Info
Aug 6, 2023 11:24:08
Upcoming Registration Period
Our next opening will be from 18:00 server time on Friday, August 11th to 18:00 server time on Sunday, August 13th!

painting Image Generation Changes

I am very very excited to report that I now have automated recolor technology!!!!!! I only need to draw the patterns on each species once each and a script will automatically recolor and save files for me. As part of this, I've also split the Trade Wind layers out from the base layers (meaning they are now a separate image between the base color and the white markings.

All Not-Cat images have been regenerated using this new technology. Your cats should look exactly the same as they did before (minus some stray pixels). You may also get some lag when loading the page for the first time as your browser will need to re-cache all these new images.

What this means:

1) When non-natural colors drop, any combination of color groups will be possible for tortoiseshell cats. As such, your cats' profiles now are a little more descriptive about the colors when they are trade winds.

2) In the very far distant future, it is theoretically possible for tortoiseshell types to be implemented.

craftshelper Custom Content Policy Preparation

Custom clothing and decor are still a work in progress and will need to roll out in several stages. For now, the Terms of Service has been updated to include new information about custom clothing and decor:

Terms of Service
Users are able to submit their own clothing and decor designs to the site for addition to the game. Custom clothing and decor items that have been submitted and implemented into the game become the intellectual property of Company.

For this reason, no custom item submission may contain content that is copyrighted by another party. If it is found that you have submitted an item that contains stolen or copyrighted content, the item will be removed from the game and you will be unable to submit future custom item designs.

Once a custom item submission has been approved, it will be treated as described in the Intellectual Property and Sales of In-Game Items sections above. This includes the sections on linking to the site when posting these items off-site and the restrictions on real-world currency and cross-site trades.

Users may take real-world currency commissions to create custom clothing or decor items. These commissions must be negotiated on pixelcatsend.com (not an external site or chatroom) and may only be for real-world currency or the currency/items of Pixel Cat's End. They may not be negotiated for physical items or the items or currency of another game.

Commissions for custom item designs must occur before a custom clothing or decor item has been submitted to the queue. Once designs are implemented into the game as a custom item, they will be subject to the In-Game Sales policy and may not be sold or traded for real-world currency.

All custom clothing and decor submissions must follow the Custom Content Policy.

The TL;DR of this is:

1) When you submit a design, the in-game items that result from it become part of the game and are treated like any other item within the game would be treated as far as the rules go.

2) You may take real-world currency commissions for custom items so long as the commission is for the design (and not for a specific in-game item) and occurs before the item is submitted into the queue. That is to say, someone can pay you $5 to draw and submit a little dog as a custom item, so long as this whole interaction happens before the little dog becomes an in-game item. Once the little dog is an in-game item, you can't sell specific in-game items for USD per the policy on sales/trades of in-game items.

A draft of the Custom Content Policy is also now available. This contains content and style guidelines, as well as some information about what the submission system and costs are going to look like. If you plan to make custom items, please read this in its entirety before you start working on something!

A new subforum has been added for the sales and sharing of custom content. Though custom items aren't actually implemented and live yet, you can post drafts and interest checks.

Within this subforum, there is a pinned Q&A where you can post questions or ask for clarification about the draft policy. This will be used to help improve the clarity of it between now and the launch of the feature.

Quick Summary of the System

- The price point for each individual custom item will be 25 essence fragments (~$2.50).

- The fee above will be built into the marketplace where sellers sell their custom items so that the burden of the fee is placed on the buyer and not the artist. This should reduce or eliminate the need for complex pre-order systems and pre-order management.

- The Artisan's Market will allow searching for artists/stores as well as for individual items currently on the market across all artists. Artists will enter their own keywords/search terms to help buyers find their items. Artists can easily set prices and availability in their personal store, which has a customizable bbcode intro.

- Artists must order a single copy of the item for 25 essence fragments in order to enter the queue. This is to prevent the queue from getting overburdened with submission of items that will never be implemented into the game.

- Artists can order copies of their own approved items at any time for 25 essence fragments. These can then be traded via private trades/gifts if an artist wants to sell their custom items for something that is not essence fragments (eg. trading a custom item for a cat, notes, another user's custom item, etc.)

- Everything here is a WIP and thus may change as the system is built.

OSHAapproved Bug Fixes

- Fixed issue where Whiskers stock refreshed to old quantities after last update.

- Putting text inside scene tags no longer causes the entire page to break

- Pathfinding no longer fails if more than one type of obstacle is passed.

craftscat What's next?

- Leaf Day in October!

- Custom clothing/decor will be implemented in phases. The first phase will be a rework of the inventory, item database, cat/scene decoration, sandboxes, and private trade/gift features to accommodate for this new type of item. While I'm in there, I plan on adding nicer search functions.

It is unlikely that the final release of custom clothing/decor will happen before Leaf Day.

Expanded City Shops
Jul 16, 2023 9:18:41
update banner for new city shops, featuring new pride items and theatre items

This update brings two new city shops, a large pile of new pride items, and an assortment of adventuring changes and new content. Since content can be added live, new items will be going in live over the course of the day!

View More Announcements
half scenery
windy middle

Autumn 25, Year 8

Condition: Partly Cloudy

Wind: Strong Winds

Temperature: 9C / 48.2F

Weather Effects: Outdoor tasks are slightly more difficult during high winds.

Autumn 26, Year 8
partcloud middle
Autumn 27, Year 8
clear middle
Autumn 28, Year 8
partcloud middle
Autumn 29, Year 8
rain low
Autumn 30, Year 8
partcloud low

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